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    Among the indicators, except that the floor bearing capacity ratio does not meet the requirements of the code, the other indicators meet the requirements of the code, and the results of the two software calculations are close. However, the structure system of this project is different from that of the general open structure system. The stiffness of the upper truss is very large, and the truss contains more inclined bars, which affects the calculation of load resistance. But in fact, all shear forces are basically transmitted to four concrete cylinders, and then transmitted downward. The change of shear capacity of the suspect cylinder should be less than the internal force and deformation analysis of concrete steel structures when the shear capacity of each layer changes. We use Midas and 3D3s software. In the 3D 3s, the simulation of the shear wall which constitutes the suspect cylinder is carried out by truss. Because the vertical stiffness and horizontal stiffness of truss are different from that of shear wall, the difference will lead to the difference of internal force calculation. Considering that the main load of this project is vertical load, the seismic force and wind force are small, and the roof is a space structure as a whole, the vertical deformation of concrete cylinder and column as support will cause great changes in the distribution of internal force of roof. When we simulate concrete cylinder, we try to make the quadrangular vertical deformation of truss and Mi simulate concrete cylinder as much as possible. The truss member of the concrete cylinder simulated by coagulator is determined by the principle of quadrangular vertical deformation-causation calculated by das.

    However, because the horizontal stiffness of the truss of the simulated concrete cylinder is still less than that of the shear wall, the overall deformation of the core tube as the support of the cantilevered steel structure will still cause the displacement and internal force calculation of the cantilevered steel structure, which is calculated by two software in Table 5. Table 6 and Table 7 are the results of internal forces and displacements calculated by the two softwares in the typical position of the whole building (the lower right corner of the building, the position of 16 m of the two-way cantilever). The results show that the deflection and internal forces calculated by 3D3S are larger than those calculated by MDAS/GEN. The difference of deflection is up to 40%, and the difference of internal forces is less than 10%. The main reason for the large deflection difference is that the horizontal displacement and angular displacement of the concrete cylinder are enlarged by the cantilever, while the difference of internal force calculation results is acceptable. According to the calculation results of MIDAS/GEN, the deformations of steel structures meet the requirements of gauges. Table 5 MIDAS/GEN, 3 d3s, 6 MIDAS/GEN, 3 D3S under constant load, cantilever position displacement table 7 MIDAS/GEN and 3 D3S under constant load also affect the stiffness of cantilever truss internal force concrete tube. The effect of temperature is also discussed.

    Because of the roughness of concrete cylinder, the structure will produce larger axial force when the temperature rises and falls, especially among the components of concrete cylinder. In the 3D 3S model, because the horizontal stiffness of the coagulator cylinder is small and the temperature internal force of the component calculated is small, in order to simplify the joint design, I-shaped section is selected as far as possible in the selection of the component section, but in the position of larger force, it is inevitable to use the intersection of these box-shaped components where the structural forces are more than those of the intersection. Cast steel joints are used in the location. In order to consider the influence of cast steel joints on the calculation of integral truss, we simplified the steel castings to rigid base according to the size of the steel castings. The calculation shows that the deformation of the steel castings decreases due to the scene noise, but the internal force concentrates on the frame with rigid alkali, the change of the axial force is not obvious, but the bending moment increases greatly. Tables 8 and 9 are the results of MIDAS/GEN with and without rigidity. In the table, no rigid region or strong axle moment is the moment at the end of the dovetail. If the moment at the end of the dovetail is compared with that at the end of the dovetail, it is more obvious that rigid alkali increases the bending moment of the dovetail. 8 tables calculated by MIDAS/GEN, 9 tables calculated by MIDAS/GEN, and 9 tables calculated by MIDAS/GEN, the internal force of the dovetail under the constant load, due to the use of buildings, the floor slab is in use. It can be used as lateral support of compressive members, so the lateral stability of members is not considered in design.

    In the construction, the floor is constructed separately. Under the construction load, the part of the unconstructed floor has lateral stability problem. Because the living load of the roof of the building is large, these loads are loaded after the completion of the structural system, and the proportion of floor weight is small, so the safety of construction sequence skin has little influence. We also use Midas to simulate the loading situation, and the calculation results show that the structure is safe.

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