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    Affecting F-assembly and redistribution of internal force of the structure, some components may be unsafe. Therefore, the analysis and prediction of the deformation of the structure under dead load in the construction process, and the use of the corresponding deviation correction and measurement technology to control the installation accuracy of the structure are the important contents of the installation of the internal arc beam. In the calculation of this structure, the simulation analysis of the construction stage is carried out according to the simulation flow chart of the closure of circular arc beams in Figure 12, 1.2. The maximum vertical displacement and the maximum horizontal displacement of the top nodes A, B and C of the inner ring are -27 mm and 11 mm respectively. The displacement of the joints after the floor construction is expressed as reducing the deformation of the structure itself when it is installed, and the displacement of the joints at the top of the inner ring is -27 mm and 11 mm respectively. When the span of joints A, B and C is larger than 15m, according to the code, the construction technology of circular upper suspension frame with 28.8m transverse span, H400*300 transverse frame beam skeleton surface and 600*600 suspension column skeleton surface should be adopted according to the method of multi-point starting and 3.interior upper suspension skeleton.

    In order to adopt the forward imitation method in construction, it is necessary to change the transmission path of the original frame structure so that the 22-storey members have enough stiffness and deflection to bear the dead load of the upper structure before they are effectively connected with the transfer truss, and to facilitate the overall unloading of the structure after the installation of the transfer truss. Shaped truss is a axle-loaded truss with large transverse stiffness and easy construction. Therefore, it is proposed to temporarily reinforce 22-storey and 24-storey rooted steel beams connected with oblique steel columns on both sides to make truss beams to bear the structural load during installation by downward-upward sequential method, and to control the installation deformation of the structure within the installation accuracy range to install the truss on the inner storey. When loading, the steel frame with external diagonal bracing has been installed according to the principle of block enlargement. Fig. 25. Figure 14. The flow chart of the closure of the outer frame has been completed from both ends to the middle. Before installation, the crane is pulled according to the code requirements to ensure that the maximum vertical deformation of the truss beam during unloading is 32.8 mm, and the maximum vertical deformation of the concrete pouring is 65 mm. In order to reduce the deflection of the inner frame, the installation of the upper inner circle structure with a diameter of 47m in the middle of the span of 22, 23 and 24 three-storey frame beams is taken as an example. The installation technology of long-span suspension structure is introduced. The results show that the stiffness of the member is strengthened after the beam is strengthened according to the plane rectangular truss, although it is easy to install in the same way. After completion, the whole unloading construction is simple, which overcomes the difficulties of reverse construction and provides references for similar projects. [1] Beijing Iron and Steel Design and Research Institute GB50017-2003 steel connections.

    Structural design specification [s]. Beijing: Central Planning Publishing House, General Institute of Architectural Research, Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, GB50205-2001 Code for Acceptance and Acceptance of Construction Quality of Steel Structural Engineering [S]. Beijing: China Planning Publishing House 2002 [3] General Institute of Architectural Research, Zhongye Group. JG]81-2002 Technical Specification for Welding of Building Steel Structures [IS]. Beijing: Architectural Industry Label Society, 20034] Research and Analysis on installation scheme of Guo Yanlin's mega-floor ring steel structure. Construction Technology, 2010, 08 (00).

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