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    time:2019-10-04 08:46:43

    Project outline_3 terminal building of Shenzhen Baoan Guo Airport is located in the expansion area of Baoan International Airport, Baoan District, Shenzhen. The total steel consumption is about 40,000 tons. The steel materials are mainly Rho 345B, Q345C and Q345G] (?) This project is mainly composed of two areas, the main building hall and the cross-finger corridor, and the boarding bridge. The steel joints of the cross finger gallery are mainly composed of regular cylindrical shells with double roofs and concave areas in some areas. They are mainly composed of 67 diagonal oblique space trusses with reinforced trusses. The reinforced trusses are composed of four curved welded box girders and web girders of steel pipes. The truss end girders are directly supported by cast steel supports at 4.4 m height. Fig. 2 T3 Airport Building Perspective Profiled Curve Stereo Truss Figure 3 Single Strengthened Truss Axonometric Map Shenzhen Airport 2 Machining Key Points and Difficulties Analysis 1) Machining Accuracy and Residual Stress Control of Welded Box Chord Flange Plate with Profiled Curve in Bending Process In order to ensure that the overall curvature satisfies the design requirements, the chord flange plate should first be bended after cutting, and then in the process of assembly bending, in order to control the bending accuracy and residual stress in the steel plate during the bending process.

    Bending: Shape, and then take the factory's specific conditions and different from the conventional methods of production process management system and process measures, the flange plate bending forming into finishing and residual stress reduction. Practice shows that the bending accuracy of gill flange plate and the mechanical properties after forming all meet the relevant requirements, and the internal residual stress is maximally homogenized. 2) The low assembly accuracy of lifting curve welded box section chord dovetail not only affects the follow-up welding quality, but also directly affects the whole fabrication of components. Accuracy. Before assembling, the key inspector sells and connects the cutting and cutting materials of the felt parts, and the ruler is paid B according to the requirement of Guanyi. In the process of processing, the component must be assembled in the natural state, and the external force must not be applied to force the assembly and fixing, so as to avoid additional stress in the part plate during assembling, and at the same time, through welding process evaluation and installation. Reasonable welding groove and welding sequence, pre-heating before welding, post-welding heat, setting zero-time fixed support, etc. are taken into account to realize the reduction and control of welding residual stress, layer tear and welding deformation in the process of processing. 3. 1. Analysis and selection of manufacturing schemes 3. 1. Analysis of strengthening truss in this project is made of four special-shaped curved welded box types. The main supporting structure of the whole project is composed of the tangential chord and the connecting parts.

    Therefore, the quality of its fabrication directly affects the shape characteristics and stress state of the whole project, but also greatly affects the quality of site installation. The connection between the web and the plane truss of the single planar frame is steel tube, and the factory mainly processes and manufactures the intersecting wire cutting. Therefore, the main difficulty in strengthening the fabrication of truss factories is the fabrication of upper and lower chords. According to the structural characteristics of the reinforced truss, and fully considering the lifting requirements of the site and the transportation conditions of the factory, the 32 scheme is divided into six production units. The butt joints of each production unit must be set along the central diameter of the upper and lower chords to ensure that the end faces of each plate are straight lines. In order to compensate the installation position deviation of the two sides of the arch section, the fourth manufacturing unit adds 50-100mm inlay margin at the upper end of the chord.

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