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    Making and Processing of Caofeidian Steel Structure in Tangshan

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-10-14 11:39:07

    A total of 2223451234567 samples were checked by the quality inspector to determine the distance between the child and the tangent line in the web length direction. Only when the sample is qualified, the reference edge of the plate material is allowed to be adjusted by flattening and hammer tapping. The first batch of sample sleeve holes were used for positioning. Note: (1) The linoleum is used as the template in the small drilling hole-making process. The template determines that the base edge is laid flat on the sheet, aligns the base edge, closes the eyes, and then chooses the suitable bullet nozzle according to the situation of self-heating meter in the hole-making straightening process 1. 2) Understand the material of the component to be corrected, find out the cause of deformation, 3) Measure the size of the shape by visual measurement and ruler. Deformation of end connecting plate of measuring beam is larger 5) Determining heating range and temperature, checking and rectifying low carbon steel and low closure degree is generally 600-900 degree C6, and flame rectifying again in the range of quality requirement 7) Guaranteeing flatness deviation of end connecting plate of beam is 2 mm2, and mechanical rectifying is mainly aimed at H-section steel caused by welding deformation. Steps for angular and umbrella-shaped deformations of section steel and flange plate are as follows: 1. Examine the drawings to determine the material of the components (specification, flatness 4, assemble the web and one flange plate first, and measure the web centering on the flange plate (eccentricity) with steel ruler; 5. Reorganize the allowable eccentricity deviation of the number of the paint surface components + 2mm; Verticality of the flange plate to the web. Allowable deviation b/100 and not more than 3 mm; weld height 2/3, spacing not more than 500 mm5, web, flange flatness 6, no cracks, gas, slag chip are allowed in spot welding.

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