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    On-site Processing of Steel Structure Production Quota

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-10-01 11:33:44

    鋼結構制作定額 現場加工

    In the oHC system, a series of standard accessories such as sliding brackets and switching parts matched with the plate type are adopted. Standardized sliding support ensures the integral linkage between metal roof panels, metal roof panels and surrounding flooding panels. It fully guarantees the reliability of the connection of the large metal roof system and the adaptability of the system deformation under the changing conditions, ensures the integrity of the rigid waterproof system, and prevents the system from leaking due to the tearing of the connection caused by the change of temperature difference. The innovative design of metal roof joints ensures the maximization of rigidity and waterproof of roof joints and the durability of metal roof panels. OHC-WOO2 A roof baffle matching oHC-470 roof panels is adopted in the oHC system. The water retaining plate has good compatibility with the metal roof panel. In connection with the metal roof panel, the OHC system fixes the baffle on the vertical plate surface after the metal roof occludes, instead of directly opening the drainage surface of the panel.

    That is to say, it excludes the possibility of leakage of roof slab at the roof ridge in the past to the greatest extent. The improved method (Fig. 4) Fig. 4 The improved method (new steel structure building envelope system, at present, under the roof baffle, is fixed on the roof panel with pull rivet or suture nail (and paved with mortar) in the standard concentrate of

    Correspondingly, in the current standard atlas such as "Formed Plate Roof and Wall Construction (3)" (081925-3), the method is to use suture nails or rivets to connect the roof and the roof baffle, and to locate them on the top of the roof baffle (see Fig. 5, Fig. 5, which seems simple, the rigid waterproof of metal roof is silent, but hidden staples or pull nails are buried. If the rivet hole leaks, the leaking water will climb to the inside of the roof baffle under the action of wind. Soaking mortar aging, waterproofing rigidity design of gable roof of straight 2 steel structure. First, OHC system ensures the integrity of roof panel and waterproofing edge by matching standard special sliding bracket (oHC-002), and also ensures the sliding OHC system relative to the wall by setting hidden type. Sliding roof gutter ensures that the water leakage at the longitudinal overlap is present when the product length is limited. Moreover, the hidden sliding roof gutter is simple to draw materials, and the waterflooding parts in roof with the same shape as the roof panel are transformed into rigid waterproof joints. The waterproof joints between waterflooding parts are rigid and overlapped vertically. The waterflooding parts need only pull rivets, which reduces the splitting design of the internal and external waterflooding parts in connection F, and can be divided into two parts to ensure that the waterproof parts are not overlapped vertically. The product standardization and universality can be used in different projects. A special sliding bracket (oHC-004B) is also installed between the water flooding parts on the top of the ramp wall and the gable wall, which can ensure that the connection between the water flooding parts outside the gable wall and the gable wall is firm and relatively slippery.

    The improved node design is shown in Figure 6.

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