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    Steel Film Structure

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    The screw type high strength bolt M30,10.9 grade is selected as the bolt, and the material property of the component is treated by the screw surface: the anti-slip coefficient of the steel wire brush to remove floating rust or untreated clean rolling surface friction surface is 0.35, and the number of shear surfaces is 1. The calculation results show that the shear bearing capacity of a single bolt is WB = 111.825kN, the shear bearing capacity of the bolt is 4, and the single bolt after shearing is folded. Shear capacity Nb = 87.5075 kN, bolt group force 0 KN110 KN, M = 580 KN - M bolt group penalty calculation bolt number Bolter 2, arrangement as shown in the following figure of beam-column connection node 4) Bolt force calculation bolt shear force N produced by the shear force N most N = 0 KN; shear force Ny1= - 34375 KN produced by V; shear force N produced by M 32267 KN, Ny2= - 4.21512 KN, N = 63.6882KN N

    = bh3/12=0.016*1643/12=588*10-3m4W=2I/h=588*103/0.82=7.17*103m3M/W=580*103/7.17*103=80.9N/mm2

    4) Large-span portal frame can greatly improve its overall stability by strengthening the horizontal stiffness of roof and the joint stiffness of roof steel beams and columns.

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